Novus Opiate Seclorum

2 May 2021

It’s hard to believe it has been 15 years now, but on this day in 2006, TOOL released 10,000 Days.


18 April 2021

Its been 1 year! The TOOL FAQ has now officially traveled around the Sun for 365 days – 370, actually, but who’s counting? I actually wanted to wish MJK a happy birthday before the FAQ’s own, and I also wanted to give the FAQ an entirely new look first, but here it is! That’s one year down, but hopefully many many more to come.

If you’re wondering where the previous FAQ News posts went, don’t worry – they are still here, but have been archived in their own separate page now. A few other things have also been rearranged into what is now hopefully their permanent places.

Check it out and… Spiral Out!