Activate Paypal Card – How to activate a PayPal account

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Activate Paypal Card – How to activate a PayPal account

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How to Activate your PayPal Debit Card?

Customers using debit or credit cards need an online PayPal Card Activation account in order to activate their cards online at Visit to access PayPal’s online activation link.

On your laptop or PC, open a web browser. Visit the PayPal online activation link on the company’s website. At the top right of the page on PayPal’s official website,, click the Login button.

You must input your PayPal login information when you log in to PayPal. (Yep, the same one you applied with to get the PayPal card.) Don’t use any of your other PayPal accounts’ login emails if you have any other PayPal accounts. Use just the account you used to register the card.

As soon as you log in, go to Profile, then click on Settings of the Profile. Now select the My Money link that is present. After selecting the option to activate the card, click Update, followed by the Activate Now button. Enter the necessary card details, then click “Activate Card.”

How to Activate your PayPal Card?

Go to the PayPal website at Next, enter the security code, card number, and expiration date ( cvv). Select the Continue button located beneath it. Your card should be ready for activation, according to a page that should appear.

To confirm the activation, click the Activate Now button now. After the webpage reloads, the card will be activated and available for use.

How to Activate PayPal Card through phone?

Customers for the PayPal Card can also confirm the PayPal Card by phoning the PayPal Card Activation Service Number. You can activate a debit card over the phone if you experience any difficulties online. Follow the basic procedures listed below to activate the debit card. On your phone, dial 1-800-314-8298 to activate your PayPal debit card.

Select the choice for debit card activation after carefully considering your alternatives. Give your card details and any personal information as directed by the phone representative to activate PayPal Card. If everything was entered correctly and you have finished the call instruction, you should now be able to use your PayPal card for all purchases.

Advantages of PayPal card

swiftly access your PayPal account in the US. You will be able to access your account balance from anywhere at any time. access to your PayPal account’s Maestro ATM for money withdrawals. Use PayPal to transfer money to anyone using your account.

Every transaction will result in the collection of reward points. For any fraudulent payments made via a PayPal account, an additional degree of security is available.

There are several benefits that come with activating a PayPal debit card, and the list is limitless. sending the request just once.

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