Bands & Artists Cover TOOL

So, as the name of this section implies, here is a collection of other bands and artists (and kids!) covering TOOL.

The Pot by Turn of the Century (featuring Danny)

Sober by Puscifer (featuring Adam, Danny, and of course, Maynard)

Forty-Six & 2 by The O’Keefe Music Foundation

The Pot by The O’Keefe Music Foundation

Schism by The O’Keefe Music Foundation

Sober by The O’Keefe Music Foundation

Lateralus by Break of Reality

Lateralus by Koto Ensemble

Schism by Nick Proch

Lateralus by Sam Westphalian

Right In Two by Beard of Harmony

The Pot by Brass Against

Parabola by Brass Against

Ænema by Brass Against

Lateralus by Brass Against

Forty-Six & 2 by Brass Against

Sober by Staind

Sober by Breaking Benjamin

Sober by Three Days Grace

Opiate by Limp Bizkit

Stinkfist by Dimphonic

Ænema by Radical Re-Interpretations

Sober by Violet Orlandi

Sober by Another Day Dawns

Ænema by Music Makers

Sober by Jon McConnell

Stinkfist by Breaking Benjamin

Forty Six & 2 by Umphrey’s McGee

Sober by Leo Moracchioli

Sober by INK

Sober by Winter Calling