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3 July 2020

Sometimes these updates will be fairly small, as is the case this time around. With the world still pretty much closed due to COVID-19, there really isn’t much going on, and that includes TOOL.

For this month’s update, a definite answer from Paul regarding his departure is now included in the FAQ, and as well as a further clarification of a couple other questions. For those of you out there who knows TOOL, also knows that they have a good sense of humor, so I’ve included something silly that may give you a chuckle.

After checking out this month’s update, check back again next week to see a few more covers in the Videos section. After that, I plan on adding some live concerts, courtesy of The You Tube.

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13 June 2020

Everyone enjoys a good cover, right? Now, over in the Videos Section you will now find a collection of covers that other bands and artists have done over the years. Some of these are really good, some are probably cringe-worthy. Either way, it’s nice to see other people playing TOOL’s songs in their own way.

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2 June 2020

At The TOOL FAQ, we usually keep things fairly light. Our mission is to spotlight and celebrate one of music’s greatest bands. We don’t consider ourselves to be “political” and won’t ever flood your feed with what you’ll find on the news and other places.

But equality is not political. We unequivocally support the fight against racial injustices. Human rights are a social issue.

George Floyd was a father, a brother, and someone’s son. Irregardless of what he did with his life up until that fateful day, he did not deserve to die.


30 May 2020

Just as promised, the second update to the FAQ has arrived. It mostly consisted of spelling and grammar corrections. However, there were a couple of new questions that were added.

Next week or so I plan on uploading (embedding, actually) several videos of other artists covering TOOL. Some are good, some not so much, but they’ll be fun to watch either way.

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Thanks, SWL


23 May 2020

What would a TOOL fan site be without some covers the guys have done over the years? That’s what I thought to myself one day while browsing YouTube. So, if you haven’t seen these before go ahead and check them out. If there are any more out there, please do not hesitate to tell me about them and I will get them on here at The TOOL FAQ.

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Thanks, SWL


15 May 2020

19 years ago today, Tool released their magnum opus, Lateralus.

It is Tool’s third studio album, and was released on 15 May 2001 through Volcano Entertainment.

The album was recorded at Cello Studios in Hollywood and The Hook, Big Empty Space, and The Lodge, in North Hollywood, between October 2000 and January 2001.


12May 2020

We want to wish a happy birthday to Paul D’amour. Without him TOOL could’ve been much different, and I’m always thankful he was a part of their early years. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paul.


10 May 2020

Happy birthday, Danny!


02 May 2020

Today in 2006, TOOL released 10,000 Days.


02 May 2020

Today is the first official update to the FAQ itself. Whenever possible, I plan on making an update at least once a month or so.

There were a couple of question that needed clarifying, and I couldn’t have done it without help. In this case, Maceij Jonczyk rose the task and it is very much appreciated.

I’ve also added a new section for videos. As of now, there is only the official music videos, but I think he future I plan on adding other types of videos, including live concerts, covers and maybe even some reaction videos.

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Thanks, SWL.


27 April 2020:

Sometime on Friday, 25 April 2020, Blair Mackenzie Blake, TOOL’s official website webmaster and author of TOOL’s monthly Newsletter (that we all know oftentimes has nothing to do with the band) acknowledged this new TOOL FAQ!

It truly is an honor, and I am am extremely humbled, to know that the band themselves (except possibly Maynard – who really knows about him, ammiright?) are aware of this new FAQ and gave BMB the go-ahead to post about it on their official website.

I also would like to give another shout out to Hellboy and his site, fourtheye.net for the tremendous amount of help he has provided over the last 10 months or so.

And, once again, I also want to give Kabir Akhtar and his now-archived site, toolshed.down.net for the inspiration behind this new FAQ. Without him and his original efforts, this new FAQ certainly would not have been possible.

Later this week, I do plan on updating the site itself by adding some videos, including the band’s official videos, plus some other TOOL-related videos. I’ve also got a couple of other ideas, but those will have to wait until I figured out how to go about them.

Next week, I plan on the first update to the FAQ itself. There are a few questions that need clarification as a couple you you, the readers, have pointed out, and yes I will give you guys your shout-outs and credit when I do make the update(s).

As always, in the meantime, don’t hesitate to point out to me if you see anything that needs correcting.

Also, don’t forget to swing by The TOOL FAQ’s Facebook page to drop a comment and to hit that share button.

Thanks, SWL.


22 April 2020:

It’s been a week since the [new] TOOL FAQ went live! It has already seen well over 1,000 different visitors, which honestly was a surprise.

I plan on doing weekly updates, some major, some minor for the foreseeable future to the site itself, and monthly updates to the FAQ itself.

This week’s update I decided to add TOOL’s lyrics. It’s not the big of a deal, really. You can find them pretty much anywhere, I know. But, I figured that since this site is dedicated solely to TOOL, why not have their lyrics as well?

Head on over to The TOOL FAQ’s Facebook page and tell me what you think.



17 April 2020:

Happy 56th birthday to Maynard James Keenan!


16 April 2020:

Created a Facebook page for the site because I’m told that’s what you’re supposed to do.


15 April 2020:

Today it goes LIVE!

It took a very long time to compile everything in this FAQ and I hope one day that, eventually, it will become everyone’s go-to for definitive information regarding TOOL. 

Thanks, SWL


14 April 2020:

Today I did the unimaginable: I finally bought the domain and started building the new home for the TOOL FAQ and uploaded the entire document. It was a pain, but a joy. 

Thanks, SWL