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TOOL Lyrics

Once upon a time, you had to scrounge the interwebs for TOOL’s lyrics because they were one of the few bands that did not include them with their liner notes. Now that they’ve gone digital, as it were, they have not only included lyrics to Fear Inoculum in its liner notes, but also on most of the digital streaming platforms as well. But, the only thing is, though, you have to look up each song individually to get those lyrics. You can do that here as well, but I have separated each album into its own respective page.

As you may be aware, some, if not most, TOOL songs undergo slight lyrical changes when performed live. Here, I have all of their official lyrics for anyone to browse and read (or sing along, if that’s your thing).

I know, you can find a million other places that has lyrics. Why not get them from the few places solely dedicated to TOOL?