Mysynchrony/home/activate – Activate Your New Card – Synchrony

Mysynchrony/home/activate – The Synchrony Bank card activation instructions may be found here. To use your new Synchrony Bank card, follow these steps. If this is the case, you’ll need to go through the card’s setup procedures with Synchrony Bank.

Mysynchrony/home/activate – Activate Your New Card – Synchrony

Among Synchrony Bank’s award-winning products are money markets, CDs, and high-interest savings accounts.

The Synchrony Bank Card has many benefits, such as points, cashback, and credit points.

The Synchrony Bank Card has been thoroughly examined in this article. These simple steps will have your card ready for use online or over the phone.


How to Take the survey

Please visit the customer center page at

Now, in the first column, enter the account number.

After that, you will be prompted to input the three-digit security code printed on the back of the card.

Now input the last four digits of your Social Security number.

In the last step, input the birth date.

The card will be made active immediately if you press the “Activate” button.

Benefits and Rewards

Banking with Synchrony has several advantages. You’re automatically enrolled in the bank’s rewards program when a user opens an account with Synchrony Bank.

Users are rewarded for how much money they keep in their account and for how long they’ve been a customer.

So under may take advantage of discounts and benefits without keeping track of your points.

In all, the Perks program includes five different tiers:






Users can take advantage of discounts on airfare and hotel stays and refunds on ATM costs.

A dedicated customer service phone line, unlimited ATM reimbursements, three-wire transfers each statement cycle, and access to the bank’s webinar series are all included at the Diamond level.

Terms and Conditions or Rules

Before applying for a card, you must be at least eighteen.

As the last requirement, you must bring all of the documents that have been authenticated with you; there is no room for fakes.

Increasing your credit card limit is as simple as waiting a year. Fill out the form to raise your credit card limit after one year. Due to the bank’s restriction that says you cannot raise your credit card limit until one year has elapsed after becoming a new client, you will have to wait.

About Synchrony HOME

Synchrony, a market leader in consumer financial services, provides customers with award-winning consumer banking products and individualized financing solutions for several vital industries, such as retail, health, auto, travel, and residential real estate.

Every company that Synchrony works with, as well as the quality of every person’s life that the company affects, benefits from the company’s extensive knowledge of its respective industry, as well as from the company’s innovative solutions, data-driven insights, and differentiated digital experiences. We have over 74.5 million active accounts and a sales financing volume of over 130 billion dollars.


As a result, activating your Synchrony Bank Card is as simple as the following. It is possible to start your Synchrony Bank card via phone or online.

The activation of your Synchrony Bank card should have gone well. The customer care department may be contacted by dialing the correct phone number if you are still experiencing issues. If you have any questions, ask the customer support person.

MySynchrony FAQs

  • Does the FDIC cover deposits at Synchrony Bank?

Answer: Yes. To protect your bank accounts, Synchrony Bank is a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) member. Click here for additional information about FDIC insurance restrictions.

  • What does APY stand for? What is the relationship between APR and this?

Answer: If you put money into a savings account, the APY, or Annual Percentage Yield, informs you how much money you’ll get back over a year. Your effective annual interest rate on loan from a lender is calculated using the annual percentage rate, or APR for short.

  • What is the best way for you to get a deposit slip?

Answer: The Welcome Kit you get after establishing your account includes a first deposit slip, and the deposit slip may be copied as many times as necessary. By logging into your account at, you may request additional deposit slips at no additional cost.

Select Checks & Deposit Slips from the More Services section of your navigation menu. Within two weeks, you should get your slips. There is an extra fee for expedited shipment.

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