Novus Opiate Seclorum

Section B: TOOL on the Internet

B1. Before I read this FAQ, how do I know if this is the most current version?

The most current and up-to-date version will always be located at and the only other site that is currently allowed to link to it in its entirety is but, to be sure, if the date is older than 6 months, chances are there is a newer version.

Please note that there are many, many different ways to interpret TOOL’s songs and that the ones listed here are only to help you start off on your journey. While this FAQ strives to be as factual as humanly possible, interpreting TOOL’s music and lyrics are subjective, as all art is. Any interpretations listed here are the most common interpretations and theories, unless otherwise noted; for example, if the band has come right out and said what the song is about, such as with “Hush”.

*B2. Does TOOL have a website?

Yes they do. You can find it at

B3. Are there any other websites about the band?

TOOL certainly has their fair share of fan sites, including the one that hosts this FAQ,

Though now archived, Kabir Akhtar’s site, also known as TDN, has a lot of information about the band that, at the time, you couldn’t find anywhere else. It even has a FAQ that inspired this one.

And there’s also The Tool Drive Project, that has virtually all of their “concertography” you could possibly imagine. 

Another site, which features virtually all of their releases on vinyl, including bootlegs, can be found at

Note: if you wish to have your site listed here, get ahold of me so that we can discuss it. -SWL

B4. Do they have Facebook?

B5.  Twitter? or, @Tool

B6. Instagram? or, @toolmusic

B7. Is there a discography online somewhere?

You can find their discography just about anywhere now. Try Google. This FAQ, however, does discuss their entire, official, catalog.

B8. Do they have an email-based mailing list?

Not at this time.