Novus Opiate Seclorum

Section X: TOOL Members’ Side Projects

X1. Other than TOOL, what has Maynard been up to?

He is in another band called A Perfect Circle. They were more active in 1999-2000 than TOOL, playing numerous shows and releasing their first album. More info on them is available at and

Maynard has recorded a song with a fake band called Titannica, that was due to appear in the film “Run, Ronnie, Run.” The song, called “Ass Kickin’ Fat Kid,” featured Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and ex-Hole / Motley Crue drummer Samantha Maloney. It ended up not being on the soundtrack, and nothing else is known about the song.

He had recorded a song, then known as “Vacant”, with members of Nine Inch Nails, that was due in late 2001 as part of the “Tapeworm” project. That project has since been abandoned and the song is now known as “Passive” and is now officially an APC song.

Maynard sang a song called “Calling Dr. Love” on the Kiss tribute album “Kiss My Ass”, along with bassist Billy Gould (Faith No More), guitarist Tom Morello, and drummer Brad Wilk (both of Rage Against The Machine). They are collectively known as Shandi’s Addiction.

He sings the “I’ve got no patience now / so sick of complacence now… ” part in Rage Against the Machine’s “Know Your Enemy.”

He sings the “not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin” part on Green Jelly’s “3 Little Pigs.” (Yes, Green Jelly as in originally Green Jello as in Jello Loft where the live tracks from Opiate were recorded).

He appears on the first Love Jones album, “Here’s to the Losers”, as well. He comes in during track 4 and sings for about 45 seconds.

On January 23, 1997, Maynard appeared onstage with Tori Amos, as she played a benefit show for her charity organization, RAINN. Together, they performed her song “Muhammad My Friend”, and it was quite a duet. It is available on her home video “Tori Amos Live in New York.”

He has done cameo vocals at numerous live performances, including a Rage Against the Machine show.

He sings on a song by Tim “Herb” Alexander/Mike Bordin on the album “Flyin’ Traps,” which features drummers. He’s listed under a pseudonym of Gaylord C.

He has also appeared on a public access show called “Colin’s Sleazy Friends.”

He appears on the Deftones’ song “Passenger” off their album “White Pony.”

He also appears in the 30 Seconds To Mars song, “Fallen”. 

He guests sings on the David Bowie song, “Bring Me the Disco King”. 

A long long time ago, he was in a band called C.A.D. The Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty did record an album called “Fingernails”, but no recordings are for sale. You may find a bootlegged copy on Ebay.

Also a long time ago, he was part of a project called TexA.N.S. You can find their material where you can find C.A.D. material.

See Question X5 for more details on side-project called “The Replicants.”

More recently, in addition to reviving APC after 14 years, he is also making a lot of his own music, with a project called Puscifer. That project has become successful enough that he even built a brick-and-mortar store in his hometown of Jerome, Arizona and named it after this side project.

Maynard is a busy man, so busy in fact, that one of his side projects doesn’t even have anything to do with music! He is now, in addition to being a successful musician, also a successful wine maker. He now owns and runs several vineyards and wine tasting rooms/stores. For more information, go to and

*X2. Has Danny done anything recently besides TOOL?

Sure; he played drums on the western leg of the fall 1994 “Pigface” tour.

He also used to play drums for Pygmy Love Circus, and has done percussion for Lusk, Green Jelly and even for Carole King! 

He also played drums for the band Zaum. 

He also plays drum clinics occasionally, including a recent Modern Drummer festival.

He has played drums for the band, Volto!

He has played guest drums with Primus.

More recently, Danny is also the drummer for Legend of the Seagullmen.

Danny recently had a guest spot on LA desert rock collective All Souls’ track Sadist/Servant. Earlier, he appeared on a handful of songs from goth-duo Collide’s Some Kind of Strange and Two Headed Monster albums.

X3. How about Adam?

We know he worked on art / special effects for such movies as Jurassic Park and Terminator 2. You can actually see him on the Jurassic Park DVD, during the “Making of” featurette. About 10 minutes into the documentary, Adam is shown working on an early model of a dinosaur.

He also played bass in a band in high school with Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine (the band name: Electric Sheep). 

In the summer of 1998, he and Buzz from the Melvins played a few gigs as Noiseland Arcade (yes, named after the Simpsons), an experimental noise band. And don’t forget, he is largely responsible for their videos.

*X4. What about Paul?

After leaving TOOL, Paul practiced with Failure (a band who have opened for Tool) a few times, but did not join that band.

He was working on his own project called Lusk, with Cris Pitman (from the Replicants and Zaum). Lusk has since reportedly broken up.

See Question X5 for more details on “The Replicants.”

Paul also released a solo project, Feersum Endjinn (name references a a novel by British sci-fi author Iain M. Banks), as well as fronted Lesser Key, an art-rock quartet with an EP produced by Tool alum Sylvia Massey.

More recently, he has joined Ministry as their newest bassist.

X5. What/who are “The Replicants”? What’s “Silly Love Songs”?

On November 21, 1995, Zoo Records (TOOL’s then-label) released an album under the name “The Replicants.” The album is a collection of eleven covers of old songs by Paul McCartney, Syd Barrett, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, the Cars, etc.

The Replicants themselves are Paul, Ken Andrews and Greg Edwards of Failure, and Cris Pitman of Zaum (a Danny side project). Maynard makes a guest appearance, singing McCartney’s “Silly Love Songs”.

X6. So, after Justin left them, what happened to his old band, Peach?

They had actually broken up shortly before Justin joined TOOL. 

Note: this is not the same Peach with a few albums out on Caroline Records. 

Justin’s Peach’s album “Giving Birth to a Stone” was re-released in late 2000 with new cover art by Adam.

X7. Did TOOL and Rage Against the Machine do a song together?

They did collaborate on a 7-minute song that is available on various websites. This unnamed song, known only as “Revolution,” was apparently supposed to be on the Judgment Night soundtrack, but never made it. It features both bands playing minus Adam (and Justin, obviously).

X8. Did TOOL and The Melvins do a song together?

Indeed, a 14 minute long session entitled “Divorced” appears on The Melvins’ 2000 album “The Crybaby”, featuring all of the band at various times.