Novus Opiate Seclorum

Section Z: About This Document

Z1. Who wrote this FAQ and why?

In June 2019, the “new” author, Steven W. Luttrell, had realized that since TDN is now archived, that means that the original FAQ was also archived. It had been at least 16 long years, and it didn’t even have a section for 10,000 Days! Much like the original, a lot of people have questions that can’t be answered, at least not all in one place. While the original still has a lot of information, it is, now, incomplete. The goal for this new FAQ is to carry the mantle into the future with as much information as possible.

Z2. Who has helped to make this FAQ what it is?

This FAQ wouldn’t have been possible without help, as I surely would not have been able to do it by myself.

Matt Smith (aka hellboy1975), the owner of; Mr. Kabir Akhtar, the original FAQ author and owner of TDN; the members of TOOL; Morgan Olsson; u/RedbeardHolmes; William “Bill the Landlord” Charles Manspeaker; Christopher D. Withrow; Maceij Jonczyk; Paul Linn; Ian Martin; Richard Keenan; NASA Mission Specialist Robert Behnken; Anthony Bones Reid; Jessenia King; Grant Suhs;

Note: If I used something of yours for this FAQ and did not mention you, please, let me know. As large as this FAQ is, it is easy to forget some things, including giving proper credit and I certainly wish to give any and all credit to where it is certainly due.

Z3. Where can I get the most current version of the FAQ? Is this it?

The most current and up-to-date version will always be located at and

See also Question B1. 

Z4. Can I copy bits of the FAQ? Can I put it on my home page? Can I send it to a friend of mine? Can I print it out? Can I quote it in a publication?

Private use (like printing it out and sharing it with someone) is of course, cool. If you are going to quote it in an article or the like, just let me know. If you want to use it, in whole or in part, for your own website, please ask first. My email address is, or you can get ahold of hellboy1975 at As long as you let either one of us know, we will most likely be okay with it. All we ask is that you ask first and give us credit and a link.

See also the next question.

Z5. Copyright and Distribution Information:

The TOOL FAQ (list of Frequently Asked Questions) is (c) 2019 Steven W. Luttrell. This FAQ may not be reproduced in any form (in whole or in part) without express written permission. United States and International copyright laws require that you obtain the author and copyright holder’s permission to use any copyrighted material.

If you are looking for permission to use this FAQ, in whole or in part, all you have to do is ask. As long as you are willing to cite and link back to here, I’m probably going to be cool with it. It has taken a lot of work and effort to get this FAQ together, and all I really want in return is to be acknowledged. 

See also the previous question.

Z6. The TOOL FAQ revision history.

15 April 2020, version 1.0, Initial release.

1 May 2020, version, updated questions M2, Z2, M16, W2, H33, K3

30 May 2020, version, updated questions H24, E2, E6, G18, Z2, M6, M9, M11, M18, M20, M22, M23, W1, W2; added new questions W3, W4, M16.

17 April 2021, version, complete site update, and spelling and grammar corrections.