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The objective of SunTrust Banks, Inc. is to “Light the Way to Financial Well-Being” for individuals, businesses, and the communities they serve. One of SunTrust’s significant initiatives is onUp, which aims to assist individuals in improving their financial stability.

It is only possible to withdraw cash from a connected checking or savings account using a debit card. If you want to spend more than the money you have access to right now, you’ll have to cut down on your purchases.

As a result, it’s a good idea to check your SunTrust account balance regularly. To avoid exceeding your limit or rejecting a transaction, you should use this method instead.

How to Take the survey

Click on the link given above to be taken to the Activation Page.

You’ll need to enter your card number on this page

In the Expiration Date column, enter the month and year written on the card.

The Security Code and Zip Code must be entered at this stage.

The last step is to enter your SSN or TIN.

 Click the “Activate” button on the website to complete the activation process.

The ACTIVATION of the Card will take place in due course.

Benefits and Rewards

The Prime Reward Credit Card, the Cash Rewards Credit Card, and the Travel Rewards Credit Card are all examples of credit cards that provide rewards for spending money.

You may earn cash back rewards of up to 5% on qualifying purchases made at gas stations and grocery shops with the SunTrust Cash Rewards Credit Card, which does not have an annual fee.

After the first year, you will be charged an annual fee of $89 in addition to the $89 introductory price for the Travel Rewards Credit Card. However, if you spend $3,000 on qualifying purchases within the first three months of opening your account, you’ll get a $250 statement credit.

Terms and Conditions or Rules

A one-hundred-dollar minimum deposit is required to start this account. The account has a $7 monthly fee, but the user may avoid paying it if they meet one of the following conditions:

Every statement should include at least ten transactions initiated by customers at all times.

The account holder must receive direct deposits of $500 or more.

Ensure that users have at least $500 in their bank account daily.

For the following five years, users won’t be charged any fees if they start an account as a student.

About Suntrust

Over 1400 physical branches and 2100 automated teller machines may be found throughout the United States, thanks to SunTrust Bank, the bank holding company. A bank’s primary functions include lending money, receiving deposits, and providing credit cards. Additionally, trust and investment-related services are critical.


Ultimately, users can activate their card in whatever method is most convenient. To help users start their cards, we’ve included a lot of information in this guide.

If you have just received a SunTrust credit card, you may use it to make online or in-store purchases. However, before using your SunTrust credit card, you must first activate it, and activating a Suntrust card takes a few minutes of your time. Several rewards are available to Suntrust Debit Card customers who have joined the program.

Using the Suntrust Debit Card, clients may access various financial services, including a wide variety of cards. If you have a Suntrust Debit Card, you can pay the bill at any shop or company that accepts debit cards. card FAQs

  • How long does it take to acquire a new debit card from SunTrust after reporting one lost or stolen?

Answer: Within a week, the user debit card will be sent to them, accompanied by a letter detailing the basic activation options made accessible to the client. This will take around one week.

  • How can customers reset their identification number (PIN) on their SunTrust debit card?

Answer: At any SunTrust automated teller machine, over the phone, or through online or mobile banking, users can modify their identification number (PIN) (you must know your PIN to change it). It will be possible for existing cardholders to keep the same unique identification number (PIN) that they had before the expiration of their card and subsequent issuance of a new card.

  • When it comes to credit cards, what types of options does SunTrust have?

Answer: Several credit cards were offered to clients by sum trust, including the enjoy cash card, truist want beyond card, the future card, and the enjoy travel card.

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