The TOOL F.A.Q. Overview

This section contains the FAQ release and update information and other generalized information about the FAQ itself. 

DATE: 01 July 2020



Updated H17, K4, Z2

Added questions W5, W6, C21

KEY: * = updated in this release

          ** = new question and/or answer


A. A Note About Salt 

B. TOOL on the Internet

C. The History of the Band

D. Release Overview

E. “72826”

F. “Opiate”

G. “Undertow”

H. “Ænima”

I. Section I

J. “Salival”

K. “Lateralus”

L. “10,000 Days”

M. “Fear Inoculum”

W. Miscellaneous 

X. TOOL Members’ Side Projects

Y. The Future

Z. About This Document