www.bmo.com/activate – Activate your new BMO credit card

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www.bmo.com/activate – Activate your new BMO credit card

Activating your BMO online card is straightforward if you have been given a new credit line, and the Bank of Montreal makes applying quite simple on their website.

Your new BMO credit card number may be entered here. Once you’ve entered all the necessary information, press the “Submit” button. If your new credit line allows it, you may use your new card right away. 


How to Take the survey

Visit bmo.com/activate as soon as your new card comes in the mail.

When you first activate your card, you’ll be asked to enter information from your card.

To begin using your card, go to bmo.com/activate and fill out the required information.

At this point, you’ll need to enter your 16-digit Card Number.

You must enter the card’s expiry date here.

There is a three-digit security code on the back of your credit card.

Now Selecting Next will activate the card.

Your card will be activated immediately upon purchase.

Log in to your BMO Online Banking account with the card number (or follow the simple steps to register your card).

Your card’s account must be selected.

The primary cardholder can add an authorized user to a BMO Credit Card account by utilizing the secure form in BMO Online Banking.

Your BMO Prepaid Travel Mastercard account may be expanded by adding a second cardholder visiting a BMO branch near you.

Benefits and Rewards

When you activate your BMO MasterCard, you’ll be prompted to set up your SecureCode. Only you and BMO will have access to this code. As a result, it is now impossible for anybody else to use your account to conduct online transactions.

Once you’ve activated your BMO credit card online, you may set up your SecureCode. Take a look at this webpage and choose the language of your choice:

You can choose from some premium account protection options when you join SecureCode. CreditDefense, IDefense Plus, and Card Balance Protection are all included in this package.


Terms and Conditions or Rules

Several benefits and additional features are available to those who use the new BMO Debit Card that bears the Mastercard or the Interac brand. 

You may make purchases online, in shops, over the phone, or by mail using the card associated with your BMO bank account.

Just hold the card in your hand to make contactless payments up to $100 at Interac terminals without inserting the card or entering a PIN.

Set up recurring payments for invoices that you receive regularly or pay your bills automatically

Use BMO ATMs to withdraw cash

Direct Deposit enrollments, online check orders, etc.

About BMO

BMO is a well-known and trustworthy lender in Canada, and its revolving lines of credit provide a variety of advantages. Do not miss out on your credit card’s perks, including cash back or airline miles.

MO (Bank of Montreal), Canada’s oldest bank, has been in business for 177 years. A wide range of financial products and services are available to individuals and companies in Canada and the United States, including credit cards, personal and commercial banking, life insurance, asset management, and more.


Increased security and reliable transmission are two of the many benefits of activating your BMO debit card. If you have this card, you may earn free cash back, reward points, and more. The BMO Debit Card’s primary benefits are its ease of use and convenience for making payments and shopping.

New BMO debit cards may be activated in a variety of ways. As we go through the various ways to start BMO debit cards, please pay close attention to the instructions provided.

Activating your BMO debit card is now a simple process. The Bank of Montreal Debit Card Activation procedure will be explained in-depth in this article, along with all the potential activation methods.

www.bmo.com/activate FAQs

  • How can they link the BMO Mastercard to my online banking account?

Answer: Adding a second cardholder to an existing BMO Credit Card account is simple, and a secure form must be completed in BMO Online Banking by the principal cardholder.

  • In what ways may they have online access to my MasterCard account?

Answer: Open a web browser and go to the card issuer’s website to check your credit card balance online. The expiry date of your credit card should be visible on the reverse of the card. 

  • MasterCard’s debit card may be used for what?

Answer: To check your credit card balance online, you must open a web browser and go to the bank’s website. You may usually find this information on the back of your credit card. 

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